2003-09-01, 10:22 a.m.

Dude, it is a grey, grey, day. I like it when it rains, though. Everyone will have their labor day picnics and laugh and fall in love beneath dripping wet canopies.

Fuck you, honky white trash! I will sleep through your barbeque lovefests!

Anyway. I hope that. No. I don't really hope anything. Ahhh, yes...

This lady from work has decided to stop talking to me if I don't go to her BBQ alchohol fest. I have deided to be minus one friend. For a week at least, then she'll get over it.

I went to the last BBQ she had, and it went something like this....

I came with another friend from work. I hugged this lady hello. I smelled the liquor on her breath. I saw that there was no one else around, save her brother and a few neighbors. I drank a beer. In watched her fall off her chair. And then I listened as she tried to cajole me into the kiddie pool with her.

No thanks to that. No thanks to this. I can be a drunk on my own if I want. I don't need to enable someone. I don't really need to be enabled. To tell the truth, a meaningful human relationship (that's a sexual one, by the way, friends and enemies), would be a good dis-abler for alchoholism. So I guess I'm not a drunk.

But if you say you're not a drunk, then you are a drunk. And if you say you are a drunk, then you're truly a drunk, and you are on the first step to recovery. See how A.A. gets you?

Fo-shizzel, blizszel. That's it.

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